Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Hello from Kimmy!

Kimmy here checking in from sunny Northern Arizona where I live the glamorous life of a single 4th grade teacher in a small rural town, the same one I grew up in. A few of the teachers I work with were my teachers as a kid. My students are like my kids. I've been teaching long enough (13 years) that some of them are grown up and have kids of their own now. I have 3 big beautiful black dogs (Bailey, Buddha, & Brodie). I love to travel, read, take pictures, and of course be crafty in my spare time (which is in small supply during the school year!)  I am also on the Punky Sprouts Design Team. If you're looking for awesome blank minis, check them out! Great products!

Here's my take on Rene's Layout.  While it's normally sunny here in Arizona, we get the occasional winter storm up where I live. No snow this winter yet though, which is why I had to live vicariously through last season's photos. I love snow!

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