Tuesday, July 29, 2014

July Lift - Kinderstart

I had this picture my daughter had completed during her Pre-School Health Check and wanted to include it in her Scrapbook Album. The nurse gave out the cute little girl sticker with the kid's written health check. Since that was red I used a light pink to tone down the bright red and played off the colors on my daughter's drawing.

There was another drawing my daughter made while I answered the nurse's questions. Since it was not as colorful. I placed it underneath. I also wanted to be able to see my daughter's name she wrote on the back of the drawing. So I layered the sticker to act as a flap to hold down the drawing.

I mainly played off of the banner from Phillis's page. I wanted to use the striped paper too but it was too busy with my daughter's drawing. I had to move my elements around the page to fit the size of the drawing. I had fun doing this page and saving my daughter's artwork too!

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  1. I love how you scrapped your daughters artwork!! A great idea and page. The banner with the title on it looks great!!